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Tenderbake -- Classical BFT Style Consensus for Public Blockchains

Protocol Upgrade - 009 Flo

The Florence proposal (from Nomadic Labs, Marigold, DaiLambda, and Tarides) is a protocol upgrade focused on implementing improvements such as increasing maximum operation size, gas optimizations, depth first execution order, and the elimination of the test chain activation.

Protocol Upgrade - 008 Edo

The proposal contains improvements to performance and gas costs, the addition of a so-called "adoption period" to the voting schedule, and two important new features that we have been working on for some time: Sapling (shielded tx), and Tickets.

Protocol Upgrade - 007 Delphi

Delphi makes substantial improvements to the performance of the Michelson interpreter and to the gas model, and thus dramatically improves gas costs on the Tezos blockchain.

Protocol Upgrade - 006 Carth.

Increase the gas limit per block and per operation by 30%, improve the accuracy and resiliency of the formula used for calculating baking and endorsing rewards and fix various small issues

Protocol Upgrade - 005 Babylon

Includes Emmy+, delegatable tz1 addresses, Michelson upgrades to improve compilation from high-level languages, hardened governance mechanisms, and more. Fixes a bug affecting big maps in smart contracts and a minor regression affecting the trace_code RPC.

Protocol Upgrade - 004 Athen

Athens A proposes two incremental changes: Increase the gas limit by doubling the number of computation steps which can be included in each block.Reduce roll size from 10,000 tez to 8,000 tez