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Tezos Academy

Learn to code Tezos Smart Contracts the easy way! Tezos academy is a fun interactive tutorial to the LIGO language.

Tezos Capstone

Start your path as a Tezos blockchain developer: Tezos Capstone is a new initiative focused on introducing more developers into the Tezos ecosystem. Developers learn core blockchain and Tezos concepts, and practical dApp development experience.


Build a simple Dapp on Tezos [VIDEO COURSE]: In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of Tezos, tools and libraries in the Tezos ecosystem and build a fully decentralized application on the Tezos platform. You will learn the Liquidity programming language and implement a smart contract.


Tezos OCaml Michelson Institute (TOMI) - a Tezos research and education foundation dedicated to the growth and advancement of the Tezos developer community.


We are excited to work with the Tezos Foundation to bring high-quality education and training to the Tezos community and beyond. Courses in development include a free introductory Tezos 101 course as well as a paid Tezos Developer course.